Michael Goudeau




I’ve done over 15,000 shows in Las Vegas! That’s crazy. I started performing in Las Vegas in 1983 at the Tropicana Hotel in Les Follies Bergere. In addition to the Tropicana, I performed regularly in shows at The Sands, Dunes, Sahara, MGM, Marina, and Lady Luck. All of that happened before I landed in the Lance Burton: Master Magician show at the Hacienda Hotel for 5 years. When Lance moved from the Hacienda to the Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino he took me along. We performed there for another 14 years. Not too bad for a kid who started out juggling on the streets in San Francisco.

Since Lance Burton retired in 2011 I’ve been travelling the US, and the world doing shows. I’ve done shows in France, England, Finland, Spain, Japan, China, Hungary, Taiwan, Chile, Columbia, Canada, Cuba, the Caribbean, on cruise ships, at state and county fairs, festivals, conventions, trade show, comedy clubs and anywhere else people might want to laugh and be amazed by some funny tricks. I’ve performed my show in French, Spanish, Japanese, and Hungarian even though I don’t speak any of those languages well enough to ask for a glass of water.

I also work as a writer and consultant for TV, corporations, trade shows, and other variety acts. I’ve got a dozen Emmy nominations and a Guinness Worlds Record. I’ve written for everyone from transplant surgeons to Lyle Lovett, and Ringling Brothers clowns. I can help you create a show, speech, or sketch that will inspire your people to think, spew milk out of their noses or both.